Evolvmastering is an online mastering studio, born from our passion for music and the creative process.


At Evolvmastering, we listen to your music and to your needs. Our goal is to provide quality audio mastering based on the desires of composers, DJs, producers and labels.


We want to offer the best services for your productions by adopting a creative approach, depending on the product and the desired result. Our mission is to give an organic and lively presence to electro productions and to highlight the emotion and impact conveyed in each of your titles while preserving authenticity.


Modern methods of production have brought some styles of music to high levels of sound, often at the expense of reduced quality, sometimes resulting in extremely low dynamic ranges. Evolvmastering remains mindful of this quest of loudness, while keeping professional quality our priority.


We always make choices to elevate the quality, so that your music has an optimal rendering in all circumstances (domestic listening, on the move, club, radio, web, cinema). We will always excel in meeting current standards according to your desires. Sensitive to all types of music, electronic, experimental, ambient, rock, classical, jazz, hiphop and others, musicality and intelligibility are our priorities.



Analysis and optimization of the tracks by frequency and dynamic processing Optimization of the stereo image

Standardization of the levels according to the end product medium

Tracks assembly and quality control

We deliver an optional DDP file for the pressing factory, including metadata such as the PQ code, the ISRC code, and the CD text functions. We provide a utility software to read the DDP file, so you can keep track of all the characteristics of your future CD (order, duration, spacing of the tracks).

stem mastering

Stem mastering consists of working on groups of tracks grouped by categories. This type of mastering allows in-depth treatment by isolating the groups. The treatment is therefore adapted to each section and allows the correction of frequencies based on the group of instruments, without touching other groups such as, for example, the voices. This form of mastering allows optimizations that are impossible with a single track.

* Minimum 4 tracks, maximum 8 (beyond 8 tracks, consider reviewing the mixing).


Audio restoration is the process of cleaning a recording by minimizing or eliminating various types of unwanted noises. Unwanted noises are often a result of media deterioration or environmental problems during recording. After capture and cleaning, we proceed to a re-mastering of the audio file for a digital transfer.

Vinyl records and dialogue recordings in noisy environments are the most common requests.


We reserve the right to accept mix according to well-defined criteria:

Frequency balance, dynamics, stereo balance headroom.


Maximum peak -3db LUFS. Avoid treatments on the master. no limiter, neutral frequency.

wave or aiff, 24 or 32bit in 48k and above are preferred, we also accept 24 / 44khz

No coding should be applied, the files should be in the format in which they were mixed. Dithering and encoding will be done in the last step.


Please use our contact form with detailed request, so we can meet your expectations and advise you if necessary before sending the final mix.

You can also contact us by phone for a more effective conversation.

We deliver the files in wave format (or aiff if prefered), in 16bit 44kh. We also include a copy in mp3 320 kbps


We keep the high resolution file for archive purpose.


We suggest mastering for Itunes in order to ensure compatibility and optimal quality with the Apple platform.


Rates are given as an indication and are subject to modification based on your project. Use the form to contact us and we will get back to you with personalized pricing.

Mastering  1 to 7 tracks (2 revisions included            40€/tracks


Additional mixes                                                            18€/tracks


DDP image files                                                                         25€


Mastering for Itune AAC

or other additional format                                            18€/tracks


Release from 8 tracks & more                                   from 280€…

                ...or contact us (DDP  included with unlimited revision)


Stem mastering

(4 à 8 pistes de groupe)                                              120€/tracks




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Mastering  1 to 7 tracks (2 revisions included)                               40€/tracks


Additional mixes                  18€/tracks


DDP image files                               25€


Mastering for Itune AAC or other additional format                 18€/tracks


Release from 8 tracks & more                                                                                                from 280€…

...or contact us (DDP  included with unlimited revision)


Stem mastering

(4 à 8 (4 to 8 stem) )         120€/tracks